• Iron Ore
• Iron Alloy

Our company operates with the major producers of iron alloys and iron ore, located in different continents to ensure time to time the best value for money and be able to fulfill all the specific requirements of our customers.


• Billets / Blooms
• Slabs 
• Rounds (Forged & Rolled)
• D-bars / Wire
• Merchant Bars

The Kronostahl work with all major steel mills, from the Asian, Russian and Caucasian, African to those of Latin America in order to provide and serve in the best way all the different markets in which it operates daily.


• Heavy Plates
• Coils – HRC / CRC / Coated 
• All categories of II choice coils

Among the products marketed, the coil is a sector that has years of experience and great knowledge of the market. For this type of product materials are marketed by the major steel mills European, Asian, and Latin America. Beside the sale and distribution of the customer’s request, the Kronostahl has developed significantly what is the distribution of materials in stock II of choice, of all types on the market (hot rolled, cold, galvanized, pre-painted, magnetic etc etc), in order to guarantee the customer a fast delivery and competitive prices.


• Casing / Drilling / Tubing
• Line pipe 
• Mechanical
• Structural
• Hydraulic Applications 
• Tubes for special applications
• All categories of II choice tubes

Tubular products are for the most Kronostahl business area, managing a basket of suppliers and very large customers. The staff Kronostahl has over ten years of experience in the field, being able to provide all kinds of products according to all categories of this type of product, also according to customer specifications with regard to steel grades and standard measures. Also in this product the Kronostahl has developed a thriving market for the products of choice II, used a lot in the field of piling and uses structural mechanics and less demanding. Through its network of supply and distribution it is able to meet all the demands of the market, being able to tap into a wide range of solutions to improve and enhance the competitiveness of its proposals.


Among the different products treated there are also the material of consumption mainly used in the steel industry as rollers for lamination, forming rolls, blades, lubricants etc etc.


• Fittings / Flanges / Valves